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E-HOTEL Hotel Automation Software - Hotel Manager Software

Indias No.1 Enabled Automated Software: Empowering the next generation business in Hospitality/ Retail Industry

S4-eHotel is an ERP solution brought to you by S4help to automate the various departments of a Hotel. It is modular in structure and offers seamless integration between different functional departments. There are features that enable you to service your customers equipped with added CRM information enhancing your referral business and your bottom line.

User defined options and settings allow S4Hotel to be configured according to the varied needs from time to time. A highly user friendly system S4Hotel is simultaneously secure also. User level access rights can be set to ensure that each member can access only what he/she is allowed to access.

E-HOTEL Front Office Suite

The Front Office is the external interface of a Hotel that interacts with the guests. The efficiency and customer orientation of the front office system defines success of the property in generating repeat business. S4-eHotel FO Suite , in addition to all the routine activities of the front desk helps you to be armed with CRM information, keeps you informed about the likes and dislikes of a regular guest at the time of reservation as well as check in. A brief about the features of S4-eHotel is given below.