Compas Now

Competency Profiling & Assessment Services: Competency Based Assessment

ComPAS NowTM is a breakthrough 100% online job profiling and competency assessment software suite on the threshold of revolutionizing human resource management world-wide

What competencies are you looking for?

  • Strategic Planning ?
  • Creativity ?
  • Effective Communication ?
  • Leadership ?

You name it . . . ComPAS NowTM can identify

Compare and identify the right candidate from multiple applicants using competency assessment, Find the right fit for your team, Identify the training needs of existing staff, Compare candidate's competencies, Generate rank list for easy recruitment, Customisable profiles, Single test for multiple job analysis

Assessment for Professional Students

  • What Specialisation will you select for MBA?
  • What are your best job options after Engineering / MBA?

ComPAS Now helps students with Competency Mapping & Stream Based Career Direction

Provide skill based career guidance and help the students to select the specialisation for MBA and Engineering etc.., map your student's competencies, find out the suitability or job readiness of your students , conduct softskill as well as technical tests for any stream of studies, identify the training programs to be provided to the students, Generate rank list for placemement.

Analyse the career based on competencies rather than subject knowledge / interest

  • What are my best career options and what need to be avoided?
  • How do I rate my thinking skills, social skills and emotional skills ?
  • What are my innate behaviors ?

The interest of a student can vary from time to time based on many external factors, ComPAS Now measures the internal reality of a student through a large number of traits, combine the traits to form the competencies in the right mix, check these competencies against thousands of pre-defined job profile competencies based on the industry requirements

Individual Assessments

  • Discover your Aptitude and Suitability
  • Profile Matching & Career Counselling

What are my top competencies and what competencies i need to develop ? Get to know what are the competencies companies are looking for in various jobs and get expert counselling.