Website Designing & Development

Creating Appealingly Captivating, Effective yet Affordable Websites

An aesthetically designed, unique and up-to-date website is paramount to catapulting your business in the marketplace

At S4Help, we believe that designing an appropriate website today is much more than an art form - it is a personality statement showcasing your business and is perhaps the most important factor in the branding and marketing of your business. An effective website is an integration of the latest technologies perfectly attuned to your business needs, synchronized with out-of-the-box creativity and intelligent functionality, which is critical to efficient business growth.

A mere digital presence is no longer enough in today's global marketplace. Of course, it should be appealingly captivating with riveting graphics and stunning photographs. But an effective website should also be interactive and optimized to work quickly and efficiently across devices, not only attracting visitors in droves but also converting them to customers.

Our Approach

Our commitment is to custom-designing websites around your business needs that not only boasts an impressively individualistic presence on the internet, but is also peppered with crisp, original and reader friendly content that is keyword optimized as well, SEO-savvy and offering an engagingly dynamic user-experience, which quickly converts visitors to customers.

Very often businesses are unaware of what a functional, intentional website can deliver, underestimating its value beyond mere esthetics. We work closely with businesses and impress upon them the importance of creating a sophisticated infrastructure of both site and SEO functionality, which must be developed in tandem and tested. We ensure that our projects have the requisite digital marketing functions to elevate both owner and user experience before going live and letting the magic begin!


Here is a brief outline of the four main stages of our website design process:


We begin by defining a framework for the layout outlining the scope of design based on the nature of the business, its objectives, and target audience. We then do a brand analysis, keyword research and positioning to ensure that the website is multidimensional, fully-functional and easy to navigate, incorporating digital marketing strategies.


First our thoughts are put on paper. Then we add a grid, choose the typography and select a color theme, before going any further into the technicalities. We then divide the layout, keeping the structure simple ensuring that website is quick loading, mobile ready, tracking enabled, SEO savvy, content management system or CMS enabled, conversion optimized; e-mail marketing friendly, social media platform integrated and is embedded with strong security.


This is where we take the finished web design and transform it into a fully functioning, interactive website. We do this by translating the designs into web coding languages that can be interpreted and displayed by web browsers. Development is what gives life and movement to static designs, and enables users to access the website through their web browsers. It is at this stage that we first do a test run and the quality analysis (QA) of the website.


The final stage is of course is the deployment or the website goes 'live' on the world wide web, generating a significant impact on driving business and connecting you with potential customers online for optimal ROI, with every user engagement. We also ensure that we continue to work with you on ongoing basis to keep the website running smoothly and we will always be available with any required updates.